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The Empower Youth Program is a tool through which you can facilitate prevention-focused conversations with youth about exploitation and empathy in order to empower them with protective strategies.

Exploitation comes in many forms, such as bullying, neglect, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Human trafficking, perhaps the most extreme form of exploitation, is a form that many youth know little about, yet it occurs in virtually every U.S. community.

Many factors can make a person vulnerable to exploitation. Personal factors, such as poverty or unstable home environments, and cultural factors, such as hyper-sexualized media, can push youth into vulnerability. Exploitative people target those who are vulnerable, seeking to pull them down further in order to obtain personal gain.

Youth need to be empowered to safely navigate the factors in their lives that could otherwise make them vulnerable to exploitation. The Empower Youth Program unveils the system of negative pushes and pulls that entrap youth and empowers them with alternative, positive pulls that can lead to success and safety. It also empowers youth to respond if exploitation is happening among their peers or family.

To access the Complete Empower Youth Program Course, please apply for a scholarship or contact info@iempathize.org for assistance and additional information.

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